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Welcome to Lauder Photography!  We are a group of women photographers who have been working together for many years.  We are the premiere school and family photography company in Los Angeles, both in terms of quality of product,

and excellent customer service.  We really are!



Working with children in a school setting is our special talent.  When doing our school shoots, we like to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  It’s exciting to watch a child open up and enjoy having her/his photo taken.  The results speak for themselves.  We have many parents amazed that we took the best photo ever of their child!  Fun!  

We try to make Picture Day as efficient and stress free as we can for the school admin and staff.  We know it’s disruptive to the daily routine, and we try to work with your schedule to minimize that!  We work with each school individually to ensure that Picture Day works well for them.  We customize our services to each school’s needs.  We provide yearbook CDs, faculty/staff pictures, ID cards, whatever you require.

For help ordering your photos, see: click HERE or see “Ordering Info” at the menu bar.


We have been taking beautiful family photos in the L.A. area for many years.  We make it fun and easy.  We come to your home, or to an outdoor place of your choosing.  It’s your shoot; please let us know how we can fulfill your vision.  We do not use your personal information to solicit for our family photos, but instead simply provide information about how to contact us on our school order forms.  We make it fun and easy!  No stress makes for beautiful family photos that really capture your personal family dynamic.  You will enjoy giving them as gifts, and as the years go by, enjoy them even more.  Please use the contact info below to set up a family shoot.

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